Centre of expertise on resources

The Centre Of Expertise on Resources (COE-Resources) supports industry and government to effectively anticipate strategic opportunities and risks related to the sustainable supply of resources.



Environmental policy

We specialize in bringing the geopolitical context in to the debate on natural resources. How secure is the country of your main supplier? How vulnerable is the shipping lane you depend on? How vulnerable is your national economy to supply disruptions of certain imports We have the knowledge and the instruments to analyze these kind of questions for your raw material supply chain.
Foresight is crucial for formulating corporate strategy and robust governmental policies that anticipate risks and opportunities. However, strategic foresight on natural resources is too little, too scattered or well hidden. We can bring together the best available foresight on critical raw materials and use innovative methods to analyze the implications for your business or for governmental policy goals.
All production and trade of resources is subject to increasing environmental regulation and policies, covering a variety of issues, ranging from GMO to pesticides, and from bio-diversity to climate. We are specialized in policy analysis and monitoring policy trends. We can map for you where developments are headed and what implications can be expected for the raw material supply for your business or for countries.